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How to set up a pressure pot for dispensing

13 April 2017 adhere academy

We have added a “how to” video to our YouTube channel. Setting Up a Pressure Pot for Dispensing is a short visual guide for preparing a pressure reservoir for dispensing materials such as adhesives, paints, lacquers, solvents, inks, coatings, oils and many other low to medium viscosity liquids from a pail or bottle. How to set […]

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Video: Dymax SpeedMask – temporary masking resins with fast curing, easy removal

31 October 2016 masking

We offer a range of temporary masking resins that provide reliable and cost effective protection for critical surfaces and cavities during finishing operations. Dymax SpeedMasks cure in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light and replace traditional masking materials such as tapes, lacquers, waxes, boots and caps. SpeedMask resins are easily applied, and are available in […]

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QuantX™ dispensing components compete with other leading brands

24 October 2016 dispensing

QuantX™ – the latest generation of dispensing components, designed and manufactured to compete – and be compatible – with other leading brands. We offer next day delivery and economical purchase price for engineers and buyers. The QuantX range has been developed by our partner Fisnar in response to market demands for a premium, compatible product, […]

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Case Study: preeflow volumetric adhesive dispensing helps ensure integrity of life-saving medical device

21 October 2016 case study

Our customer BPR Medical, based in Mansfield, Nottingham, is a perfect example of a small British company which combines expertise, creativity and entrepreneurialism to design, develop and manufacture world-beating products for export worldwide and use in the United Kingdom, for which it was rewarded in 2012 with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation. As with […]

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Video: Fluid and liquid dispensing machine, fully digital, fully featured

15 August 2016 dispensing

Our digital benchtop fluid dispensers handle a wide range of tasks from depositing microdots to lines to small volume potting and filling. The Fisnar DC100 Precision Dispensing Controller & Automatic Liquid Dispenser  provides control in the application of virtually any fluid. Latest where can i buy phentermine online uk features including ample program storage, programmable […]

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Video: compare Thinky mixers with silicone resin mixing and defoaming

9 August 2016 LED

This video on our YouTube channel compares and contrasts our most popular Thinky Mixers, using the mixing and defoaming of silicone resin as an example. The manufacturer’s video shows a Thinky ARE-310 – the equivalent machine available in Europe is the Thinky ARE-250, which is functionally the same. Thinky mixers use a combination of rotation […]

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