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UV/Visible light cure temporary mask for electronics

23 June 2017 electronics

DYMAX Speedmask® 9-7001 is a temporary mask for electronics. It offers significant time saving in assembly of electronics connectors and other board level components to pcb’s. Once cured in seconds with UV/visible light, the (pink) maskant enables easy visual checks, while its low shrinkage rate ensures accurate reliable coverage. Speedmask® 9-7001 is designed for protecting connectors […]

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Case study: improving quality and increasing pcb production with UV curing conformal coating

15 May 2017 case study

The Problem A leading industrial electronics company was developing a new industrial inverter model that required a high cured thickness of conformal coating to meet electric performance. The product they were using at the time was a solvent-based coating with a low cured thickness. Air pollution and odours from solvent based coatings were  a concern for […]

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Pros & Cons of UV Light Curing Using LEDs – Seminar @ the FAST Exhibition, National Motorcycle Museum

3 May 2017 LED Curing

Only one week to go until we exhibit at the FAST Exhibition on Thursday 11th May 2017! Our MD Peter Swanson will be giving a seminar entitled Adhesives: Pros and Cons of UV Light Curing Using LEDs. The seminar will discuss how light-curing adhesives, coatings and protective materials work and the significant improvements they can provide in the […]

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UV radiometer aids process control in broad spectrum or LED-based UV curing

17 March 2017 LED Curing

The DYMAX ACCU-CAL™ 160 Radiometer is an essential tool for users of UV curing processes, where both validating and subsequent monitoring of the lamp output is vital to consistent production quality. It is designed to be used with both benchtop flood curing lamps and conveyorised systems, and comes in two versions for either broad spectrum […]

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Fast cure, easy removal temporary mask for PCBs aids productivity

16 February 2017 conformal coating

DYMAX Speedmask® 9-20479-B-Rev-A UV/light cure temporary masking agent is specifically designed to meet the needs of the electronics industry, where its fast cure and simple removal will improve productivity in printed circuit board assembly.  It is formulated for the protection of pcb connectors and other components, either during the soldering process, or during conformal coating. […]

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Dymax SpeedMask temporary masking for electronics soldering, conformal coating

13 January 2017 electronics

Dymax SpeedMask masking resins for electronics applications cure on demand, in seconds, with UV/visible light. Used for temporary masking in printed circuit board assembly, they are suitable for either soldering or conformal coating processes. Rapid cure speed allows for flexibility, efficiency and productivity in production as the pcb’s are immediately ready for further processing – reducing […]

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