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The latest in thermally conductive adhesives

2 August 2016 adhesives

New developments and applications in energy and electrical engineering can require ever higher levels of thermal conductivity – hence our partners Polytec PT are developing the next generation of thermally conductive two-part epoxy adhesives. These new high performance adhesives offer excellent thermal conductivity, so enhancing the effectiveness of heat paths found in applications such as LED […]

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adhere academy: premixed and frozen adhesives

18 May 2016 adhere academy

You can buy two (or more) part adhesives which have been pre-measured into the correct proportions, mixed and degassed, filled into a dispensing syringe or cartridge, and then frozen to stop the cure. The adhesive is shipped from the factory to you in an insulated box also containing ice. Upon delivery, you store the adhesive […]

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Thermally Conductive Materials for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Batteries

14 March 2016 adhesives

Responding to a strong and increasing demand in innovative manufacturing concepts for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries, our partners Polytec PT have adhesives, potting compounds and greases with high thermal conductivities that are customised with regard to processing parameters, thermal and mechanical properties, and service durability. The need for power dissipation from the cell to […]

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New guides to electrically conductive & thermally conductive adhesives

20 November 2015 adhesives

We have issued two new guides which offer an introduction to the Electrically Conductive Adhesives and Thermally Conductive Adhesives produced by Polytec PT. Each guide gives a descriptive overview of the technology involved and related product applications in industries such as microelectronics, electrical engineering, power engineering and general energy. New, next generation technologies are introduced. Conventional […]

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Thermally conductive materials for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries

21 May 2015 adhesives

Thermally conductive adhesives may become a key technology for boosting the mass production of electric and hybrid vehicles and batteries. That’s the view of our partner Polytec PT, manufacturer of specialist adhesives which we recommend for many automotive (and other) electronic applications. The ability to ensure a secure and durable battery system may demand robust fixing, […]

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Conductive greases for electrical and thermal conductivity

24 July 2014 electrically conductive

Back in May we launched the CircuitWorks range of syringed packaged conductive greases to help improve the applications for our customers with electrical and thermal conductivity requirements. We offer three types of conductive grease: Silver Conductive Grease Boron Nitride Heat Sink Grease Silicone Free Heat Sink Grease The Silicone Free Compounds will not harden or […]

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