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Cleaners, coatings and rework tools for electronics manufacturing – new website

14 February 2011 cleaning

Congratulations to old friends and sales partners Techspray, who have a new website. We have been successfully working with them for many years selling both Techspray and Plato products. These include the best quality desoldering braid, freezers and dusters, wipes, swabs, brushes, conformal coatings, temporary masks and cleaning chemistries. The Plato range includes solder pots […]

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New Techspray information for 2009

9 April 2009 conformal coating

We have started to integrate into our website some new catalogue sheets from sales partner Techspray. There are seven of them, which you can download here: Conformal Coatings & Temporary can u buy phentermine Solder Masks   Duster & Freeze Sprays   ESD & Anti-Static Products   Cutters & Brushes   Precision Cleaners & Defluxers […]

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Free of charge

1 October 2008 electronics

Such is the potential for damage from stray static-induced electricity that a vast industry has grown up providing electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe products to be used in sensitive environments. ESD-safe, anti-static shoes, pens, labels, bags… and just about anything else you can think of are on offer. Sometimes, however, the exact thing that you need […]

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