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Case study: automated silicone dispensing for illuminators in the detector and security industry

15 June 2017 case study

Our customer, GJD designs, produces and sells intruder detection products at its factory and head office in Heywood, Greater Manchester. One of GJD’s main products is its line of white-light and infra-red LED illuminators, marketed under the company’s Clarius® brand. Used principally in security applications, they also find other uses, including broadcast production. High performance […]

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Case study: mixing silicones for facial and other prosthetics

3 October 2016 case study

The manufacture of a medical prosthetic device for a patient’s face or similar area is a highly skilled job; each one is unique, and needs to be handled with great sensitivity, as both functional and cosmetic considerations are involved. It may require careful mixing and colour matching of a silicone moulding compound, with no air […]

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Video: compare Thinky mixers with silicone resin mixing and defoaming

9 August 2016 LED

This video on our YouTube channel compares and contrasts our most popular Thinky Mixers, using the mixing and defoaming of silicone resin as an example. The manufacturer’s video shows a Thinky ARE-310 – the equivalent machine available in Europe is the Thinky ARE-250, which is functionally the same. Thinky mixers use a combination of rotation […]

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Silicone potting compound for clarity and protection

14 January 2015 electronics

Sometimes you need to be really clear about things – very transparent and very protective. Perhaps you need to view potted components or need true non-yellowing optical clarity for light transmission, while providing support and protection for potting of sensitive opto-electronic components such as LEDs, displays or solar panels. Opti-tec 7020 is a two part […]

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Conductive greases for electrical and thermal conductivity

24 July 2014 electrically conductive

Back in May we launched the CircuitWorks range of syringed packaged conductive greases to help improve the applications for our customers with electrical and thermal conductivity requirements. We offer three types of conductive grease: Silver Conductive Grease Boron Nitride Heat Sink Grease Silicone Free Heat Sink Grease The Silicone Free Compounds will not harden or […]

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Optically clear silicone encapsulant for LEDs and electronics

8 October 2012 encapsulation

When thinking about protecting sensitive electronics from moisture and shock, a silicone potting compound or encapsulant is usually a good starting place. If you are working with optics or LEDs, then you will want a clear material with good optical transmission. Opti-tec 7020 has been the potting compound of choice for our customers who need […]

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