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rework and repair

Repair of relics and artefacts – clear epoxy

23 January 2015 adhesives

The press is full today with news of the seemingly botched repair of the beard on the burial mask of King Tutankhamen, the boy Pharaoh who ruled Egypt from 1332 to 1323 BC. It seems that the beard, having fallen off, was re-affixed with an epoxy adhesive (probably the quick cure “5 minute” stuff which you find […]

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PCB Overcoat Pen for rework & repair

9 September 2014 conformal coating

The CircuitWorks Overcoat Pen makes coating of PCB’s especially convenient during manufacture, rework and prototyping, where it enables replacement of permanent solder resist or mask over repaired areas, or where it is damaged or missing. The Overcoat Pen is a handy, quick way to apply an acrylic conformal coating to circuit board tracks, as protection against […]

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Latest Practical Components catalogue – tools for process validation, testing and training

30 July 2014 dummy components

The new Practical Components Catalogue is now available, bursting with updated dummy components, test boards and solder training kits. These are valued by engineers and technicians who use them to develop production processes, train colleagues and to evaluate equipment and materials. The Practical Components Catalogue contains a selection of solder training kits in both Lead-Free […]

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CircuitWorks flux dispensing pens/syringes and flux removal pens

3 June 2014 rework and repair

The CircuitWorks range of handy pens and syringes for electronic prototyping, rework and repair of circuit boards includes flux pens and flux removal – now available ex stock from us. CircuitWorks flux dispensing pens provide a convenient and clean way to apply a variety of flux types commonly used in prototype, rework and repair and low […]

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Silver and nickel conductive pens make instant tracks on pcb’s

4 April 2014 conformal coating

The CircuitWorks® range of conductive ink pens are now in stock. They help engineers and technicians in electronic manufacturing and repair sectors. They instantly create silver or nickel conductive tracks on rigid or flexible circuit boards in the prototyping, rework and repair of boards (or flex circuits) where they enable linking of components, repair of […]

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CircuitWorks circuit board rework & repair materials now available ex stock

7 February 2014 cleaning

The CircuitWorks range of pcb rework, repair and prototyping materials, which come in very convenient and easy to use formats, are now readily available from us ex stock. The easy-to-use valved pen and syringe delivery systems enable developers, technicians, installers and servicing engineers to carry out small area electronics repair. This includes cleaning, protection, bonding […]

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