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Fast curing clear adhesive for plastics and metals

16 December 2015 adhesives

L&L A-K015 provides clear bondlines in plastics assemblies, with a very fast fixture time of 3-4 minutes and robust, primerless adhesion. It is especially valuable for bonding plastics such as acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS or PPMA. An example application is point of sale displays or signs, where it gives an unobtrusive transparent bond, even when squeeze-out […]

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Plastic bonding adhesive cures with light and moisture

23 February 2015 adhesives

If you thought you couldn’t take advantage of light curing technology because the bondline is in partial shadow, we may have the solution … thanks to a new Dymax plastic bonding adhesive. Dymax 3401 – designed for the rapid bonding of a wide variety of plastics (including PC and ABS) and metal – combines dual […]

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Acrylic bonding – when it absolutely must look right

22 August 2014 adhesives

The high end acrylic fabrication company Dauphin Restoration Ltd, founded in 1986, designs and makes cast acrylic mounts, cases and cabinets for an increasing number of state and private collectors alike. With an invitation to receive the Royal Warrant as Mount Makers to Her Majesty The Queen, Dauphin has established itself as the world’s largest […]

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Strong, solvent-free plastic and glass bonding with UV

22 March 2013 adhesives

In our range of DYMAX UV curing plastic bonding adhesives, there’s a product to suit almost every application, whether it’s display case construction, automotive headlamp assembly, sign assembly, bonding PMMA awards or plastic packages. Some of our best-selling plastic bonders: DYMAX 3099 is a clear adhesive that offers resilience and provides bubble free bond lines for […]

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We are exhibiting at Mediplas 2012 – medical device plastics and assembly

16 August 2012 adhesives

Next month, September 25-26, we will be exhibiting at Mediplas at the NEC, Birmingham. Mediplas is a new focused event for the highly specialised area of manufacturing plastic parts for the medical industry. The exhibition will cover all areas of the medical plastics supply chain – including design and prototyping, materials, clean room machinery (extrusion and […]

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Adhesives for curing with LED UV lamps

15 August 2012 adhesives

With the combination of expertise in LED light curing equipment technology and adhesive formulation, our partners DYMAX have an ever-growing list of adhesive and coating formulations optimised to cure with our BlueWave LED curing lamps. These include applications in electronics, glass bonding, plastic bonding, temporary masking, structural bonding and medical device manufacturing.

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