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Nanoparticle preparation with new THINKY NP-100 Nano Pulveriser

23 May 2017 nanotechnology

In the impressive world of nanotechnology, getting to even smaller scale is increasingly important. For example, pharmaceutical companies who want their drugs to be faster acting on patients are considering nanoparticle formulation to improve the dissolution rate and solubility of their compounds. The THINKY NP-100 Nano Pulveriser breaks up particles using impact fragmentation, taking larger […]

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Mixing and sub-micron degassing in 20 litre quantities

18 April 2017 mixing

The new Thinky ARV-10K Twin planetary mixer offers the mixing and degassing capabilities of the Thinky technology in a size suitable for larger production. The planetary action on the twin 10 litre containers results in repeatable and fully homogenous mixing, combined with simultaneous deaeration and degassing down to sub-micron levels. This twin mixer system offers […]

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Case study: mixing silicones for facial and other prosthetics

3 October 2016 case study

The manufacture of a medical prosthetic device for a patient’s face or similar area is a highly skilled job; each one is unique, and needs to be handled with great sensitivity, as both functional and cosmetic considerations are involved. It may require careful mixing and colour matching of a silicone moulding compound, with no air […]

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Video: Thinky ARE-250 benchtop mixer mixes & degasses

21 March 2016 mixing

Intertronics offers a benchtop mixer that mixes, disperses and degasses liquids, pastes and powders without a vacuum. The Thinky ARE-250 features a planetary design that simultaneously revolves and rotates the ingredients being mixed. Materials are mixed in your sealed or lid-less containers such as jars, beakers, syringe barrels or cartridges. Used in critical applications […]

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Mix and degas under vacuum in seconds – remove 100 micron micro-bubbles

21 October 2011 adhesives

The THINKY ARV-310 is an industrial non-contact “planetary” mixer for all engineering compounds. The THINKY ARV-310 can mix, disperse and degas your materials in seconds to minutes, even in your own containers (jars, beakers, syringe tubes or cartridges). The non-contact mixing principle makes it possible to formulate compounds from very small amounts such as 0.5ml […]

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THINKY Mixers at mechanical processing technologies show, Germany

19 August 2011 marketing

Mix, disperse and degas your materials in seconds – you can explore the capabilities of THINKY mixers by contacting us for a demonstration. Alternatively, they will be shown at the Powtech trade fair in Germany, October 11-13, where our fellow distributors, C3, will have a stand.

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