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Epoxy adhesives & potting compounds for specialist applications

28 September 2016 adhesives

The new Polytec PT brochure offers information on specialist epoxy resin adhesives and potting compounds for electronics, electrical engineering, optical and medical industries. It details high strength optically transparent epoxies, including formulations with flexibility in the Shore A range. Medical device manufacturers will find products which are biocompatible and tested to USP Class VI. These materials […]

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Water white optically clear epoxy adhesive

16 May 2016 adhesives

Opti-tec 5013 high performance, two-part epoxy is a water white optically clear general adhesive for bonding glass, ceramics, plastics and metals as well as some optical and opto-electronic applications. It ensures strong, clear structural bonds, including for repair and restoration where aesthetics are a priority. It can also be used for small volume potting and […]

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Thinky Mixer improves bonding processes in optical instrument manufacture

7 April 2015 adhesives

The engineers at optical instrument makers Gooch & Housego use a high specification UV cure adhesive in a military application. It is premixed with microspheres to ensure bondline thickness. However, there were problems in getting a homogenous dispersion of microspheres in the mix – which could lead to poor fitment of the optical element and […]

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UV cure adhesive makes optical fibre feedthrough

28 July 2014 fibre optics

Ultraviolet curing adhesive-based optical fiber feedthrough for ultrahigh vacuum systems – J.-F. Clement, D. Bacquet and P. Szriftgiser, Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers, Atomes et Molecules, Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France. We were introduced to this technical paper a few days ago by a prospective customer. The authors present an inexpensive, simple, and robust method of making […]

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preeflow micro-dispensing for electronics manufacturing

20 May 2014 adhesives

We have previously discussed the need for greater precision and repeatability of adhesive dispensing within ever smaller and denser pcb real estate in the world of electronics assembly and manufacturing. Applications include optical bonding (e.g. touch screens, displays, smartphones, tablets), conformal can u buy phentermine in canada coating, encapsulation (either dam & fill or glob […]

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Optically clear silicone encapsulant for LEDs and electronics

8 October 2012 encapsulation

When thinking about protecting sensitive electronics from moisture and shock, a silicone potting compound or encapsulant is usually a good starting place. If you are working with optics or LEDs, then you will want a clear material with good optical transmission. Opti-tec 7020 has been the potting compound of choice for our customers who need […]

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