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LED Curing

Pros & Cons of UV Light Curing Using LEDs – Seminar @ the FAST Exhibition, National Motorcycle Museum

3 May 2017 LED Curing

Only one week to go until we exhibit at the FAST Exhibition on Thursday 11th May 2017! Our MD Peter Swanson will be giving a seminar entitled Adhesives: Pros and Cons of UV Light Curing Using LEDs. The seminar will discuss how light-curing adhesives, coatings and protective materials work and the significant improvements they can provide in the […]

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UV radiometer aids process control in broad spectrum or LED-based UV curing

17 March 2017 LED Curing

The DYMAX ACCU-CAL™ 160 Radiometer is an essential tool for users of UV curing processes, where both validating and subsequent monitoring of the lamp output is vital to consistent production quality. It is designed to be used with both benchtop flood curing lamps and conveyorised systems, and comes in two versions for either broad spectrum […]

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Achieving the Benefits of LED UV Curing

3 January 2017 LED Curing

Ensuring Success When Switching from Conventional Lamp to LED Light Curing Sources, authored by our sales partner Dymax, is a new white paper available on our Technical Articles and White Papers webpage. Because of the differences in the technology, making the switch in UV curing equipment from broad spectrum lamps to LED curing sources is […]

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BlueWave MX-150 high energy UV LED Spot Curing Lamp for superfast cures

12 September 2016 LED Curing

The new Dymax BlueWave® MX-150™ LED UV Spot Curing Lamp offers the speed, consistency, reliability and long service life associated with LED UV curing. The modular unit has a separate, compact light emitter, suitable for benchtop use but small enough to be readily integrated into robotic or other fully automated systems. The BlueWave MX-150 UV LED Spot […]

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Video: Light curing adhesives improve productivity for technology businesses

25 July 2016 adhesives

Light curing adhesives offer many design and manufacturing benefits spanning a wide range of industrial applications. These adhesives cure in seconds, forming high-strength, environmentally resistant bonds whilst maximising productivity. General and specific formulations are available for bonding plastics, metal, glass and other substrates. These adhesives can be applied by hand, or by semi or fully automated […]

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White Paper – Ensuring Success When Switching from Conventional Lamp to LED Light Curing Sources

15 June 2016 LED Curing

The Dymax white paper Ensuring Success When Switching from Conventional Lamp to LED Light Curing Sources discusses topics such as how LED curing works, the advantages of LED curing, and getting enough information to switch successfully. LEDs, or light emitting diodes, continue to gain popularity as a replacement for traditional light bulbs, not only in homes […]

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