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Silicone potting compound for clarity and protection

14 January 2015 electronics

Sometimes you need to be really clear about things – very transparent and very protective. Perhaps you need to view potted components or need true non-yellowing optical clarity for light transmission, while providing support and protection for potting of sensitive opto-electronic components such as LEDs, displays or solar panels. Opti-tec 7020 is a two part […]

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We pot the green for Variohm with custom thermal potting compound

6 March 2013 case study

In setting up a new production project for in-house potting of temperature probes the engineers at Variohm considered a number of well-known industry standard thermal potting compounds – and they called us in. Ben Moffat, project engineer at Variohm, was looking for a potting compound that would give them the best thermal conductivity combined with an […]

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High temperature resistant polyimide adhesives

25 February 2013 adhesives

The Polytec PT range of state-of-the-art polyimide adhesives provide excellent thermal resistance, superior to other typical organic adhesives. They are characterised as modified polyimide single component solvent containing adhesives and coatings which are applicable in the temperature range from 240°C to 500°C. These polyimides are available as electrically conductive, thermally conductive and electrically highly insulating […]

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Thermally conductive adhesives

22 May 2012 adhesives

We now offer a range of high technology, thermally conductive adhesives. The products are two-part and single-part epoxy systems designed for all applications where heat transfer is essential, including heat-sinking and ceramic packaging. Polytec PT Thermally Conductive Adhesives are available in a wide range of process friendly packaging options, including bubble-free syringes, pre-measured twin-packs and single […]

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Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives – new products!

22 March 2012 adhesives

We are very pleased to announce that we have signed a distribution agreement with expert German adhesives manufacturer, Polytec PT. Polytec PT offers a range of high technology adhesive products for micro-electronics, hybrid circuits, chip-on-board (COB), LEDs, component manufacture, displays, flexible circuitry, shielding, medical devices and optics/opto-electronics. The range consists of: Electrically conductive adhesives Thermally […]

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Not just flying high, cooking too

9 October 2007 adhesives

Part of our range of silicone adhesive/sealants from ACC, the Silcoset range has a long-established reputation. They are approved for use by the MOD and Rolls Royce in aerospace and other critical applications. With high temperature resistance and good adhesion, you would expect there to be other, perhaps more conventional, applications as well. You would […]

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