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Success with UV adhesive to make emergency services equipment more rugged

26 August 2016 adhesives

The Problem A leading manufacturer of premium portable lighting was looking to make its safety torches more rugged – they are used by fire fighters, police officers and military troops in the field. Their engineers needed the torches to withstand rough handling and extreme conditions in the field, and to work in a wide range […]

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Water white optically clear epoxy adhesive

16 May 2016 adhesives

Opti-tec 5013 high performance, two-part epoxy is a water white optically clear general adhesive for bonding glass, ceramics, plastics and metals as well as some optical and opto-electronic applications. It ensures strong, clear structural bonds, including for repair and restoration where aesthetics are a priority. It can also be used for small volume potting and […]

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Strong, solvent-free plastic and glass bonding with UV

22 March 2013 adhesives

In our range of DYMAX UV curing plastic bonding adhesives, there’s a product to suit almost every application, whether it’s display case construction, automotive headlamp assembly, sign assembly, bonding PMMA awards or plastic packages. Some of our best-selling plastic bonders: DYMAX 3099 is a clear adhesive that offers resilience and provides bubble free bond lines for […]

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Adhesives for curing with LED UV lamps

15 August 2012 adhesives

With the combination of expertise in LED light curing equipment technology and adhesive formulation, our partners DYMAX have an ever-growing list of adhesive and coating formulations optimised to cure with our BlueWave LED curing lamps. These include applications in electronics, glass bonding, plastic bonding, temporary masking, structural bonding and medical device manufacturing.

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The most powerful "green" cleaners on the market

19 February 2010 cleaning

We are very pleased to announce our new range of ecologically-friendly RENEW products from sales partner Techspray. The innovative Techspray RENEW line takes advantage of current green technology, and still maintains the cleaning strength Techspray products are known for. Techspray’s goal was to create eco-friendly products that surpass what is currently available on the market […]

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Mixing glass powders into resin

17 December 2008 adhesives

James Kent (Ceramic Materials) Ltd had relied for many years on a manual mixing system for their research and quality control of specialist glass powders, but embarked on a search for a process solution that would be more effective, more consistent, quicker and simpler. The glass powders produced by James Kent Ltd are tailored to […]

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