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Video: F4200N Dispensing Robot increases productivity

17 June 2016 dispensing

We offer a small-footprint benchtop robot that enables cost-effective automation of any dispensing operation. The Fisnar F4200N robot features a true three-axis design, and can be interfaced with any of our dispensing equipment. This makes it ideal for form-in-place order phentermine online 2013 gaskets, adhesives, coatings, potting, filling and shielding in the lab or on the […]

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Improve productivity of FIP gaskets with UV curing material

23 December 2015 gaskets

The engineering and fitting of effective sealing has often been a rather unproductive and at times unsatisfactory business, frequently involving moulded or pre-punched gaskets, time-consuming installation of strip profiles or long waiting times while injected foams cure on stacked shelves. We have announced the new Dymax GA-201 UV cure FIP gasket material which in large measure […]

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Seals or gaskets can be formed bead-on-bead

23 May 2014 dispensing

To ensure the required aspect ratio (height v base width) for liquid seals or gaskets, the sealant can be applied as a series of beads, one on top of the other. We call this bead-on-bead. With this methodology, a set height can be achieved with a small or specified base width. Often UV curable adhesives are used […]

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Fast cure form-in-place gaskets; applications in fuel cells

11 December 2013 gaskets

We have introduced a new UV/visible light cure Form-in-Place (FIP) or Cure-in-Place (CIP) gasket material originally designed for fuel cell sealing applications. Dymax Ultra Light-Weld® GA-145 is a chemical and moisture-resistant gasket which is formulated to be tack free, yet soft and flexible, with low outgassing after cure. It can be dispensed in intricate and complex configurations […]

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UV curing FIP gasket shows colour change on cure

23 July 2013 gaskets

Brimming with leading edge technology is gasketing resin Dymax GA-140-SC – a UV/visible light curable Form in Place (FIP) and Cure in Place (CIP) material with the benefit of See-Cure technology which exhibits blue to clear colour change on curing. GA-140-SC is ideal for applications which require soft, tack-free, low outgassing, flexible gaskets for sealing […]

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Fast UV light curing gaskets – everything you need to know

1 November 2012 gaskets

Today we have added a page to our website which focuses on Form-In-Place Gaskets, to answer any questions you may have about form-in-place and cure-in-place UV light-curable gaskets. DYMAX UV gaskets can easily accommodate component design changes and part variation without additional development costs. DYMAX Form-In-Place/Cure-In-Place gaskets are ideal for trim assembly, sound and vibration […]

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