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Industrial cleaning wipes: order today and receive them tomorrow!

13 June 2017 cleaning

“Our technicians wanted me to source your wipes, as they are better than any wipes we have been using.” “The sample IPA wipes have been approved by management – they’re over the moon with the quality and performance.” We are delighted with how happy our customers are with our cleaning wipes. Available from stock for […]

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ADH1616 Low linting dry wipes for industrial cleaning

1 February 2017 cleaning

We have added a new wipe to our range of cleaning products, which offers robust performance and excellent absorption. The ADH1616 Low Linting Dry Industrial Wipe is a strong and durable wipe composed of a non-woven polyester cellulose. It can be used dry, to absorb liquids or spills, or with a solvent like IPA. You won’t have to worry […]

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Technology Centre lab trials, demonstrations and evaluations

27 July 2016 free samples

We’re delighted that our recently enlarged and refurbished Technology Centre is buzzing with activity, with customers visiting most days of the week to discuss their applications and to evaluate materials and processes with our technical specialists. For specific trials, we provide comprehensive reporting on bonding, dispensing and application, curing, mixing and/or surface preparation tests conducted in our […]

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What’s a Luer Lock?

18 January 2011 adhere academy

Most industrial dispensing systems rely on the Luer to fit dispensing needles, dispensing tips and other small fittings together. The Luer taper is a standardised (ISO 594) system for making leak-free connections between a male-taper fitting and its mating female part in the laboratory, industrial and medical world. Luer Slip fittings are simply held together […]

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Bonding jumper wires

15 December 2010 adhesives

The addition of wires to printed circuit boards appears to be a necessary evil in a fast changing design environment. The wires are used to increment or replace the printed wiring on the pcb. These wires are often called jumper wires, wire tacks, patch wires, etc. Flextac Tape Dots replace glues and adhesives with super-sticky […]

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FREE dispensing poster – get yours now!

6 June 2008 dispensing

We have just had delivered from the printers a new colour A3 glossy colour poster which shows all the standard dispensing consumable products we sell – things like dispensing barrels and tips or needles. This was designed to be any easy reference for part numbers and sizes. If you ask for a copy, then you […]

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