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White Paper – Potting compounds for ATEX certification

31 May 2016 encapsulation

Getting your product ATEX certified for use in explosive environments can be a challenging process. If your ATEX protection concept depends on a potting compound, then the certification body will have a number of technical and commercial demands of you, the material, and the material supplier/manufacturer. Our latest White Paper, ATEX Certification for Electronics cheap […]

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Clear potting compound offers environmental & temperature resistance

12 May 2016 electronics

Opti-tec 5020 two-part epoxy clear potting compound combines high clarity with resistance to a wide range of temperatures (-55°C to +115°C) and environmental conditions. It also offers excellent hardness and chemical resistance compared with typical polyurethane and silicone formulations. Opti-tec 5020 is suitable for delicate components thanks to low exothermic output during cure, which also […]

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Video: Opti-tec 4200 clear polyurethane resin for potting & encapsulating

10 May 2016 electronics

Opti-tec 4200 is an optically clear potting compound suitable for encapsulating LEDs and other electronic components. Opti-tec 4200 is a clear polyurethane resin for applications including lighting, illumination or when the electronics needs to be visible. It features excellent non-yellowing colour stability owing to UV resistant base materials and stabilisers. In double syringe or twinpack sachets, the […]

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Silicone potting compound for clarity and protection

14 January 2015 electronics

Sometimes you need to be really clear about things – very transparent and very protective. Perhaps you need to view potted components or need true non-yellowing optical clarity for light transmission, while providing support and protection for potting of sensitive opto-electronic components such as LEDs, displays or solar panels. Opti-tec 7020 is a two part […]

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preeflow micro-dispensing for electronics manufacturing

20 May 2014 adhesives

We have previously discussed the need for greater precision and repeatability of adhesive dispensing within ever smaller and denser pcb real estate in the world of electronics assembly and manufacturing. Applications include optical bonding (e.g. touch screens, displays, smartphones, tablets), conformal can u buy phentermine in canada coating, encapsulation (either dam & fill or glob […]

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UV light and rapid moisture cure electronics encapsulants

15 January 2014 electronics

The Dymax 9100 series of light/moisture-cure electronics encapsulants are for protection of small areas of pcb’s where sensitive components can be encapsulated or “glob topped”. What makes them different is that DYMAX Dual-Cure 9101, 9102 and 9103 now have a rapid secondary moisture cure for shadowed areas. The additional curing process gives a more secure cure […]

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