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Adhesive bonding can replace soldering in power modules

21 June 2017 electrically conductive

Adhesive bonding of power modules can often be an alternative to usual joining techniques. Epoxy-based adhesives can generally produce high-strength and stable connections. Whether this also applies to the high requirements in power circuits was the subject of a research project recently performed by the IMTEK Department of Microsystems Engineering and the IESY Institute of […]

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Flexible electrically conductive adhesive for smart cards and more

3 June 2016 adhesives

We are witnessing the widespread adoption of contactless cards for payments, rather than the hitherto main applications of access control and ID. The key to the reliability and longevity of these dual interface smart cards is the effectiveness of the electrical connection between contact chip and RFID antenna. One solution is Polytec PT’s PU 1000, […]

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adhere academy: premixed and frozen adhesives

18 May 2016 adhere academy

You can buy two (or more) part adhesives which have been pre-measured into the correct proportions, mixed and degassed, filled into a dispensing syringe or cartridge, and then frozen to stop the cure. The adhesive is shipped from the factory to you in an insulated box also containing ice. Upon delivery, you store the adhesive […]

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New guides to electrically conductive & thermally conductive adhesives

20 November 2015 adhesives

We have issued two new guides which offer an introduction to the Electrically Conductive Adhesives and Thermally Conductive Adhesives produced by Polytec PT. Each guide gives a descriptive overview of the technology involved and related product applications in industries such as microelectronics, electrical engineering, power engineering and general energy. New, next generation technologies are introduced. Conventional […]

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Electrically conductive flexible adhesive

8 May 2015 electrically conductive

Polytec PU 1000 is a single part adhesive which cures quickly at room temperature to a flexible, electrically conductive polymer. It can replace traditional epoxies which are typically rigid and require high temperature cure, giving production efficiencies and enabling new applications where pliability and conductivity is important. Polytec PU 1000 addresses applications in die attach, bonding of […]

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Jetting of silver filled epoxy adhesive

13 April 2015 dispensing

Precision application of silver filled epoxies can present challenges, as they are typically high viscosity and heavily filled. If you are facing this challenge, have a look at the new video on our YouTube channel, which shows Liquidyn’s jetting technology tackling this job – yes, it is possible to jet silver epoxy down to 350µm diameter deposits with […]

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