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Case study: improving quality and increasing pcb production with UV curing conformal coating

15 May 2017 case study

The Problem A leading industrial electronics company was developing a new industrial inverter model that required a high cured thickness of conformal coating to meet electric performance. The product they were using at the time was a solvent-based coating with a low cured thickness. Air pollution and odours from solvent based coatings were  a concern for […]

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Fast cure, easy removal temporary mask for PCBs aids productivity

16 February 2017 conformal coating

DYMAX Speedmask® 9-20479-B-Rev-A UV/light cure temporary masking agent is specifically designed to meet the needs of the electronics industry, where its fast cure and simple removal will improve productivity in printed circuit board assembly.  It is formulated for the protection of pcb connectors and other components, either during the soldering process, or during conformal coating. […]

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Black conformal coating enhances pcb security

7 September 2016 conformal coating

Dymax Multi-Cure 9451 Black Conformal Coating is a true black and opaque printed circuit board coating that enhances the security of electronic products by covering the pcb and components, hiding them from visual inspection. This is an effective barrier to loss of confidentiality and possible copying or reverse engineering of proprietary designs, in addition to the normal […]

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Technical guide to light cure conformal coatings

28 August 2015 conformal coating

We are delighted to offer a Technical Guide to Light-Cure Conformal Coatings for printed circuit boards, authored by Dymax. These coatings provide superior protective performance with the added benefit of UV/light cure for quick, convenient processing and cost saving. The guide enables customers to better understand the production savings possible from light curing. It discusses the choice […]

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PCB Overcoat Pen for rework & repair

9 September 2014 conformal coating

The CircuitWorks Overcoat Pen makes coating of PCB’s especially convenient during manufacture, rework and prototyping, where it enables replacement of permanent solder resist or mask over repaired areas, or where it is damaged or missing. The Overcoat Pen is a handy, quick way to apply an acrylic conformal coating to circuit board tracks, as protection against […]

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Advanced dual-cure pcb conformal coating

11 June 2014 conformal coating

Dymax Dual-Cure 9482 is a UV light and moisture-cure conformal coating specially formulated to flow underneath components on printed circuit boards and cure in these shadowed areas by using ambient moisture, which can result in faster throughput for through hole assemblies. Dymax 9482 coating demonstrates excellent re-workability which is of particular importance to manufacturers of expensive pcb’s or manufacturers looking […]

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