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Industrial cleaning wipes: order today and receive them tomorrow!

13 June 2017 cleaning

“Our technicians wanted me to source your wipes, as they are better than any wipes we have been using.” “The sample IPA wipes have been approved by management – they’re over the moon with the quality and performance.” We are delighted with how happy our customers are with our cleaning wipes. Available from stock for […]

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Easy, affordable plasma surface treatment now automatable

30 May 2017 cleaning

You may already know of the Piezobrush PZ2 handheld plasma surface treatment system from our partner Relyon Plasma, which provides a simple, effective method of increasing adhesion and wetting on difficult-to-bond surfaces. If you would like your application to be semi-automated or fully automated, a version of the Piezobrush PZ2 is now available which is […]

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ADH1616 Low linting dry wipes for industrial cleaning

1 February 2017 cleaning

We have added a new wipe to our range of cleaning products, which offers robust performance and excellent absorption. The ADH1616 Low Linting Dry Industrial Wipe is a strong and durable wipe composed of a non-woven polyester cellulose. It can be used dry, to absorb liquids or spills, or with a solvent like IPA. You won’t have to worry […]

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Handheld plasma surface treatment

18 July 2016 cleaning

One of our latest products is the Relyon Plasma PZ2 piezo brush® handheld plasma surface treatment unit, which is believed to be the smallest cold active plasma device of its kind. The PZ2 piezo brush ionises atmospheric gas to plasma clean and activate surfaces for improved adhesion of adhesives, or wetting prior to printing or […]

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Relyon Plasma surface treatment now available in the UK

9 May 2016 cleaning

We are pleased to announce a new sales partnership with plasma treatment company Relyon Plasma GmbH which brings their advanced technology within reach of UK manufacturers. Plasma surface treatment can be a very effective way to activate a surface in order to prepare it for bonding or printing, enabling improved wetting and adhesion. We are […]

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CircuitWorks circuit board rework & repair materials now available ex stock

7 February 2014 cleaning

The CircuitWorks range of pcb rework, repair and prototyping materials, which come in very convenient and easy to use formats, are now readily available from us ex stock. The easy-to-use valved pen and syringe delivery systems enable developers, technicians, installers and servicing engineers to carry out small area electronics repair. This includes cleaning, protection, bonding […]

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