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Adhesive for automotive composite assembly

29 March 2017 adhesives

Our partners L&L Products joined a top automotive composite customer to work on a solution to bond a rear spoiler made from carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) using a structural adhesive. The rear spoiler consists of a relatively complex design and multiple parts needing to be assembled into one high quality end product. Not only were there […]

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Transparent adhesive Araldite 2028-1

15 February 2017 adhesives

Araldite 2028-1 is a transparent, two-part polyurethane adhesive developed by Huntsman Advanced Materials for the bonding of a wide range of plastic and metal materials across a multitude of applications: Automotive: Turn signals, brake lights, mirrors LED industrial lighting Sport: Surfboards, equis, recreational boats Advertising Sector: Stands, advertising panels, logos, signage Electronics: Encapsulation of electronic […]

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Thermally Conductive Materials for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Batteries

14 March 2016 adhesives

Responding to a strong and increasing demand in innovative manufacturing concepts for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries, our partners Polytec PT have adhesives, potting compounds and greases with high thermal conductivities that are customised with regard to processing parameters, thermal and mechanical properties, and service durability. The need for power dissipation from the cell to […]

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High performance acrylic structural adhesives

15 February 2016 adhesives

A new series of two-component (methyl methacrylate) acrylic structural adhesives offers primerless, superior-strength bonds on most metals, thermoplastics and composites with fast room temperature cure times in the order of 9-15 minutes. This speed of cure is of great benefit in short cycle time production schedules where these high strength, lightweight adhesives produce durable, high […]

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Araldite adhesives bond racing car wing

14 March 2014 adhesives

Araldite® adhesives have been selected by Norma Auto Concept Engineering to bond the components of a rear wing for a prototype sports car. Founded in 1984 by Norbert Santos and Marc Doucet, whose names make up the brand name ‘Norma’ Auto Concept Engineering, the French-based business manufactures prototype vehicles for a range of racing, endurance […]

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Araldite 2011 bonds record beating eco-car

22 March 2011 adhesives

The TIM 05 demonstrates the possibilities of making a vehicle using environmentally sustainable components, weighing just 27kg and running on bio-ethanol fuel. The body is made of a sandwich of polystyrene and silk reinforced with carbon, and the chassis is made from unidirectional carbon and foam laminate.  Araldite 2011, a two component epoxy adhesive, was used […]

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