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Process protection for turbine components – UV/light cure masking resin

2 December 2016 aerospace

DYMAX Speedmask® 718 UV/light cure masking resin brings the benefits of reliable, quick, effective application and simple removal, to the protection of turbine blades, vanes and other components during specific area surface treatments such as APS and HVOF coating. Protecting areas being left untreated is crucial to high quality outcomes with these maximum performance parts […]

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Advantages of Using Light-Curable Masking for Surface Protection

29 February 2016 aerospace

Dymax SpeedMask® temporary masking resins offer reliable surface protection of components, often more than traditional masking materials such as tapes, lacquers, and waxes. Learn about the advantages of our light-curable maskants in this informative infographic and see a real life example of how switching from thermal tape to a SpeedMask® maskant saved one company 40,000 […]

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Hi Vis temporary mask speeds metal finishing processes

8 January 2016 aerospace

DYMAX Speedmask® 731 speeds up and improves temporary masking prior to aggressive finishing processes in manufacturing, especially on darker colour substrates. Its unique bright yellow colour enables quick and accurate visual checking of coverage or removal which is enhanced by fluorescence under black light. Speedmask 731 is a 100% organic UV/visible curing masking resin which […]

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SpeedMask masking resins for turbine blade plasma treatment

3 June 2015 aerospace

Plasma treatment of turbine blades may require effective and efficient masking of the cooling holes during the process – and something that doesn’t compromise the treatment of the surrounding surface. To achieve this, Dymax SpeedMask® temporary masking resin is applied to the cooling holes from a dispensing syringe or through a dispensing valve. The SpeedMask is cured is […]

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Technical article: Customized Masking Solutions

7 March 2014 aerospace

We have just added a new white paper to the Technical Bulletins, White Papers & Articles page on our website entitled – Customized Masking Solutions Don’t Require Customized Masks. Are Your Masking Solutions Failing? The article, written by Virginia Read of Dymax Corporation, discusses masking with conventional methods, the challenges associated with complex design configurations and the need […]

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Temporary mask changes colour on cure

18 September 2013 aerospace

We have been very pleased with the growing popularity of our Dymax SpeedMask UV/visible light curable masking resins, so it’s great to be able to add a new product to the range. SpeedMask® 726-SC temporary mask is formulated to provide excellent surface protection of turbine engine components, orthopaedic implants, and metal components during plating, plasma spray, […]

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