Diesel resistant silicone RTV adhesive sealant

July 26, 2011

Modern diesel engines require gaskets to seal a variety of components including fuel systems and control units. RTV silicones have been used within and around the engine for many years, being chosen for their flexibility and ability to withstand high temperatures. For use within a diesel engine, the gasket material must be able to withstand the temperatures generated from the engine but most importantly, must be able to withstand the continual can i buy phentermine online yahoo answers contact with diesel fuel.

In general silicone RTV sealants are prone to attack from mineral oils. One way to overcome this problem is to formulate using fluorosilicone polymers; however, the dramatic increase in costs usually prohibits their commercial use.

Alternatively, ACC AS1810 is a special acetone cure RTV silicone sealant which, after extensive testing, has been found suitable for applications involving contact with both conventional and bio-diesel fuels.
acc silicone sealant

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