High temperature transfer adhesive

May 25, 2005

We listed a new product on our website yesterday (in response to a customer request) – INT TA106 High Temperature Silicone Transfer Adhesive.

A transfer adhesive is sort of like what you get when you take the plastic film away from an adhesive tape – you are left with just the sticky part! In this case, the adhesive is supplied on a backing (or interliner). The tape is laid down on one surface just like a normal adhesive tape, allowed to develop some adhesion, and then the top interliner is removed, leaving a layer of stickiness behind. The second substrate is then placed on top. The bond is pretty strong.

These products are good for flat, interfacial bonds, like metal labels, for example. INT TA106 is special because it has high temperature resistance, and it bonds to silicone. One application is to stick down those rubbery keypads you find in TV remote controls or other instruments.

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