The new Dymax BlueWave® MX-150™ LED UV Spot Curing Lamp offers the speed, consistency, reliability and long service life associated with LED UV curing. The modular unit has a separate, compact light emitter, suitable for benchtop use but small enough to be readily integrated into robotic or other fully automated systems.

The BlueWave MX-150 UV LED Spot Curing Lamp is designed to offer higher, more consistent UV curing intensities than traditional spot-curing systems – up to 40W/cm² at wavelengths of 365, 385 or 405 nm. The high curing energy is created using an LED chip in the emitter, located very close to the point of cure. The use of a lightguide, which can compromise cure intensity, is optional and the emitter can be mounted away from the controller in suitable locations and positions without loss of energy.

The BlueWave MX-150 is compatible with a variety of UV and visible light-curable materials, including adhesives, electronics encapsulants and coatings, and temporary masking products. Its instant on-off capability saves energy and eliminates the need for warm-up periods. The curing profile can be optimised to protect heat-sensitive substrates.

The BlueWave MX-150 is comprised of two main parts, a controller with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, and the high-intensity UV LED emitter. The unit can be activated by a foot pedal, its touchscreen, or through a PLC interface.

Dymax BlueWave MX-150 high energy UV LED Spot Curing Lamp from Intertronics - for superfast cures

On the 22nd September 2016 we will be exhibiting and presenting at the FAST Exhibition at the The Williams Conference Centre, Grove, Oxfordshire.

Managing Director Peter Swanson will be presenting a seminar entitled Adhesive & Coating Dispensing – Meeting the Challenges of Technology Manufacturing. Adhesives, protective materials, lubricants, etc, can only do their job if applied in the correct quantity and location. Couple that need with the demands of production speed, the ever finer tolerances and repeatability required for quality, and the increasing miniaturisation of technology-based products, and the challenge gets tricky. Materials may have multiple parts, filler content, difficult rheology or limited working life. Deposit volumes can be fractions of a millilitre. The process needs to be robust, consistent and able to be validated.

Come along and hear our thoughts at the seminar. Specialist help will be available all day at our stand too, so bring along any queries or curiosities you may have about adhesives and dispensing.

Don’t forget you’ll need to register before the big day, entry is free but only with pre-registration. We look forward to seeing you at the FAST Exhibition!


Dymax Multi-Cure 9451 Black Conformal Coating is a true black and opaque printed circuit board coating that enhances the security of electronic products by covering the pcb and components, hiding them from visual inspection. This is an effective barrier to loss of confidentiality and possible copying or reverse engineering of proprietary designs, in addition to the normal ability of a conformal coating to improve circuit reliability in harsh conditions.

Dymax 9451 is a UV light cure coating suitable for most circuit assemblies. It may be applied manually or in automatic spray equipment, in a single pass of up to 0.125mm thickness. Coating which finds its way into shadowed areas is cured using a secondary heat process.

For thicker coating requirements the material can be applied in multiple passes. It becomes immediately tack free after light curing, helping to avoid handling defects such as fingerprints which may be left on boards if they are handled too soon and protecting against other damage caused by stacking and arranging pcb’s during processing. Dymax 9451 can be applied to a variety of substrates including glass reinforced epoxy laminates, glass and stainless steel with a good adhesion. Whilst Dymax 9451 coating has been developed to cover sensitive information, it is possible to rework/remove it without damage to the underlying circuitry.

Black conformal coating from Intertronics enhances pcb security

The Problem
A leading manufacturer of premium portable lighting was looking to make its safety torches more rugged – they are used by fire fighters, police officers and military troops in the field. Their engineers needed the torches to withstand rough handling and extreme conditions in the field, and to work in a wide range of environments, such as search-and-rescue or life-threatening situations. During product development of some new torches, they decided to fortify the lens and reflector housings by applying a sealant to bond the sub-assembly together.

Strengthening torch lens housings with Dymax adhesive
The Solution
Application engineers from Dymax worked closely with the customer’s team to come up with an innovative solution. After examining and testing the customer’s parts, Dymax Multi-Cure® 621-T was recommended to bond the glass lens to the reflector housing. The decision was made based on Dymax 621-T’s ability to bond dissimilar materials, its fast cure, and excellent adhesion properties.

To bond the sub-assembly, the lens and reflector housing were placed into a small rotary system underneath a dispensing valve and Dymax 621-T was applied in a uniform bead into the bond line. Dymax application engineers suggested using a Dymax 2000-EC Flood Lamp to cure parts post-assembly, because it offered a large 8” x 8” curing area, as well as high-intensity curing in 5-30 seconds. The parts were assembled and then exposed to UV/visible light under the Dymax flood lamp. Rapid curing allowed the bonded parts to swiftly move onto the next step in the manufacturing process with virtually no down/wait time.

The Results
The manufacturer was impressed with the technical expertise provided for a ruggedising adhesive. They were also very satisfied with Dymax Multi-Cure 621-T and with how the Dymax 2000-EC Flood Lamp enhanced their process by curing a large area in just a few seconds. This solution enabled faster processing, greater output, and lower processing costs.

Our digital benchtop fluid dispensers handle a wide range of tasks from depositing microdots to lines to small volume potting and filling. The Fisnar DC100 DC100 Precision Dispensing Controller & Automatic Liquid Dispenser  provides control in the application of virtually any fluid. Latest features including ample program storage, programmable alarms and I/O integration help to improve productivity. It is suitable for medical device manufacturing, electronics, optics, automotive and other precision industries.

We have a new video!

Fluid and liquid dispensing machine, fully digital, fully featured

We are very pleased to announce our participation at the inaugural Engineering Materials Show, happening on June 1 2017 at the Roundhouse in Derby.

The event will welcome decision makers and specifiers from across the UK’s engineering and manufacturing industry who share a professional interest in the practice, technology and science of materials. Key technology areas include: ceramics, metals and alloys, composite materials, polymers, glasses, biomaterials, functional materials, nanotechnology and adhesives. The Show is to be held at the iconic Derby Roundhouse at the centre of the UK’s engineering and manufacturing heritage.

We will be exhibiting, and also delivering a seminar entitled The Art and Science of Choosing a Structural Adhesive.

The event is free to attend – register now! See you there.

engineering materials show