We offer a small-footprint benchtop robot that enables cost-effective automation of any dispensing operation. The Fisnar F4200N robot features a true three-axis design, and can be interfaced with any of our dispensing equipment. This makes it ideal for form-in-place gaskets, adhesives, coatings, potting, filling and shielding in the lab or on the line. Programming is straightforward, using English language instructions and the robot’s easy-to-use teaching pendant.

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Fisnar F4200N Dispensing Robot


The Dymax white paper Ensuring Success When Switching from Conventional Lamp to LED Light Curing Sources discusses topics such as how LED curing works, the advantages of LED curing, and getting enough information to switch successfully. LEDs, or light emitting diodes, continue to gain popularity as a replacement for traditional light bulbs, not only in homes and public buildings, but also for use with light-curable materials (LCMs). Because of the differences in the technology, making the switch from broad spectrum to LED-curing energy sources is seldom a matter of simply replacing conventional lamps with LED units.

Switching to an LED system depends on careful consideration of all the factors involved, from the material to the curing unit selected for the application. With attention to detail and proper compatibility of all components, along with sufficient adjustments to manufacturing processes, it is possible to achieve a successful transition to LED light-cure technology.

Download a copy from our Technical Articles & White Papers webpage. And find out more about LED lamps and LED curing materials.

Ensuring Success When Switching from Conventional Lamp to LED Light-Curing Sources

We are pleased to add the Thinky ARE-400Twin to our range of mixing and degassing machines. Thinky mixers are industrial non-contact “planetary” mixers for all engineering compounds. They mix, disperse and degas materials in minutes. For production facilities and laboratories that want more mixing capacity, the Thinky ARE-400Twin offers a load of up to 500ml/800g. It will easily handle traditionally difficult-to-mix high viscosity liquids and powders. The ARE-400Twin has a non-contact sensor unit available as an optional add-on which detects material temperatures in containers in real time during operation. This enables users to set and reproduce programs optimised for materials whose temperature is hard to control.

The ARE-400Twin has all the recognised advantages of Thinky technology – fast, homogenous mixing with no air inclusions. There are more programming options to aid degassing of high viscosity materials. A USB port installed on the back of the unit provides the option for control and data-logging from a computer.

The unit covers any application calling for the combining of critical materials needing fully mixed, consistent, repeatable results – in production, testing, research or product development. Examples of mixing applications include electronics (conductive adhesives, encapsulants and potting compounds, LED phosphors), cosmetics and pharmaceuticals (powders into liquids) and the broad range of nanotechnology developments (mixing nanotubes and nanoparticles into fluids).

The ARE-400Twin sits in the middle our range of Thinky industrial mixers. The smallest is the benchtop ARE-250 at 250ml/310g capacity with mix and degas, up to the free-standing ARV-5000 for up to 3L which will mix and vacuum degas to remove even micro-bubbles.

Thinky ARE-400 Twin from Intertronics - mix and degas

We are looking for two people to join our team here in Kidlington, just north of Oxford.

Internal Sales Executive
You would love this job if the thought of helping our customers with their technical challenges combined with the thrill of winning purchase orders turns you on. We have a consultative sales approach, so a technical background is required (minimum is a science A Level), combined with good communication and relationship skills.

Marketing Intern
Just graduating? We are looking for a marketing graduate, particularly with digital skills. If you are both tech-y (websites, SEO and print) and art-y (photography, video and design) and can demonstrate some understanding of modern marketing-communication methods, then we need you.

Full job descriptions are on the vacancies page on our website. Get in touch!

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Flexible electrically conductive adhesive for smart cardsWe are witnessing the widespread adoption of contactless cards for payments, rather than the hitherto main applications of access control and ID. The key to the reliability and longevity of these dual interface smart cards is the effectiveness of the electrical connection between contact chip and RFID antenna.

One solution is Polytec PT’s PU 1000, a flexible electrically conductive adhesive which provides good adhesion to the card substrate, antenna and chip module whilst featuring the flexibility to cope with tough everyday handling.

A single component material, Polytec PT PU 1000 is easy to dispense, and is readily integrated into the chip embedding process. It can be cured in one step together with thermosetting of the hotmelt adhesive used to attach the chip module. It is stored and handled at room temperature, so no need for freezers or fridges. It cures in minutes at room temperature, although this is accelerated by the application of heat.

This electrically conductive polyurethane dispersion shows great mechanical and chemical stability, and excellent adhesion on metals, plastics and all porous surfaces. It finds applications where the unique combination of simple processing, flexibility and electrical conductivity can enable all kinds of new technology.

LED UV curing systems from Intertronics offer a number of significant advantages over conventional, broad-spectrum UV curing lamps. The Dymax BlueWave LED Prime UVA Spot Curing System provides focused curing using high-intensity 385nm LEDs. Benefits include no warm up or cool down time, no degradation in output over time and lower running costs. The cool curing temperature is ideal for sensitive substrates and components such as polycarbonate, PVC and  PET.

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Dymax BlueWave LED Prime UVA Spot Curing System