We’re delighted that our recently enlarged and refurbished Technology Centre is buzzing with activity, with customers visiting most days of the week to discuss their applications and to evaluate materials and processes with our technical specialists.

For specific trials, we provide comprehensive reporting on bonding, dispensing and application, curing, mixing and/or surface preparation tests conducted in our Technology Centre with our team. These reports detail the pre-defined objectives, equipment and materials used, methodology, results and conclusions, supported by photographs and videos. This reporting provides robust evidence that the material and/or equipment route proposed by our customer – frequently under advice from ourselves – is the appropriate one for the application in hand.

We invite you to bring your parts, substrates or process materials and to spend some time in the Technology Centre. We have a bench-busting array of material samples and demonstration equipment to work with. And the kettle is always on!

Technology Centre lab trials, demonstrations and evaluations

Light curing adhesives offer many design and manufacturing benefits spanning a wide range of industrial applications. These adhesives cure in seconds, forming high-strength, environmentally resistant bonds whilst maximising productivity. General and specific formulations are available for bonding plastics, metal, glass and other substrates. These adhesives can be applied by hand, or by semi or fully automated dispensing equipment.

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Light curing adhesives improve productivity

It has been a great week at Intertronics HQ! Here are some highlights:

Paul on the 5th green at The-Open, Royal Troon

Having been a part of the Intertronics team for 25 years, our Technical Manager, Paul Whitehead, was rewarded this past weekend with a trip to The Open in Troon. He was accompanied by his wife, Carol, and they enjoyed the hospitality so much, they’re already planning on going again next year! Paul is a pivotal part of our team, and we’re pleased that he and Carol enjoyed themselves, even if Rory McIlroy couldn’t pull off a win in their honour.

Matt Baseley on a Segway

On Tuesday, we held our semi-annual Company Meeting – an opportunity for us to update each other on our activities and goals, and have a bit of fun as a team. The highlight of the afternoon was some Segway racing. Our abilities varied quite widely, but amongst a few wobbly starts and some minor crashes, Internal Sales Executive Matt Baseley took the trophy.

Guy Patching and James Heydon with the Award for Excellence

Each company meeting features an Award for Excellence, given to the person or team who have had particular stellar performance over the past six months. This time, the award went to Guy Patching and James Heydon from our Order Fulfillment Team, for the number of improvements they have made to the process of getting your orders out on time, as well as their brilliant customer service. Thank you and congratulations, Guy and James!

The method of using a positive displacement technology for the dispensing or dosing of liquids can bring many benefits to those for whom repeatability, precision, reliability and accuracy are important. preeflow volumetric dispensing pumps have found applications in sectors such as electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, medical device assembly and pharmaceuticals – from the application of small quantities (microlitres) of adhesive to the dosing of fluids into vials. The assurance that the dispensed volume will always be the same to within a high level of tolerance is very valuable to critical processes.

preeflow eco-PEN Precision volumetric dosing pump

An example of where preeflow’s volumetric dispensing capability meets an industry need is in the application of adhesive in medical catheter manufacturing. Adhesives are used in the bonding of balloons and hubs to lumens, marker bands, and manifolds and connectors. This is an industry where accuracy and repeatability are of paramount importance in achieving a consistent, validated process. Since the nature of the assembly means that full automation is not always feasible, the bonding process can be manual. Catheters have small bond areas, and squeeze out or witness of excess adhesive would be unacceptable, so adhesive placement and amount need to be precise. The use of a preeflow eco-PEN, triggered by a foot pedal, gives the assembly operator more control of this intricate operation and confidence in the adhesive amount.

preeflow volumetric pumps dispense from the microlitre range on up, to an accuracy of +/- 1% independently of viscosity, while exhibiting low shear force on any media. They can dose continuously at rates up to 60ml per minute. The direction of flow can be reversed leading to clean cut off of the material, preventing drips or stringing.

preeflow dispensing systemAssembled catheters with flowplus compact, inline, through-flow fluid sensor

Low cost dispensing robots provide versatility , precision productivity in the automation of dispensing operations. The Fisnar F5200N.1 is a compact and economical gantry robot which enables unlimited work height and provides open access. It can form dots, lines, arcs and circles, and has a capacity of 100 programs, each with up to 4000 points. The robot can be configured with all of the dispensing equipment from our range.

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Fisnar F5200N gantry dispensing robot automates dispensing & dosing

One of our latest products is the Relyon Plasma PZ2 piezo brush® handheld plasma surface treatment unit, which is believed to be the smallest cold active plasma device of its kind.

The PZ2 piezo brush ionises atmospheric gas to plasma clean and activate surfaces for improved adhesion of adhesives, or wetting prior to printing or coating. This is especially useful for surfaces that are difficult to bond or print onto. The low temperature plasma discharge is often superior to mechanical or chemical methods of activation/cleaning, especially for delicate parts.

The PZ2 piezo brush can activate surfaces prior to the use of adhesives in industries such as electronics, medical devices, automotive, dental, and in laboratory and development work. It aids surface wetting for inkjet or pad printing and encoding for parts across all industries from automotive to consumer. It can also be considered for sterilising in microbiology, food, medical and pharmaceutical technologies.

Using a unique piezoelectric technology, the device transforms low input voltage into high electric field strengths, dissociating and ionizing the process gas, which is normally ambient air. The PZ2 piezo brush is convenient and simple to use, requiring only to be plugged into a mains electricity socket for instant operation.

It’s really easy to demonstrate – give us a call to see one!

handheld plasma surface treatement